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18 January 2013 @ 02:13 am
X-Men Big Bang Master Art Post  
First submission for xmenbigbang

Art for kiriana16's story


Title: The last one to die
Author: Kiriana16
Artist: Perilousrain
Verse: First Class with comic canon characters
Word Count: 15 200
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles, background Raven/Azazel, Jean/Scott, various background characters
Warnings Characters deaths; Nuclear Winter; Some questionably moral decisions
Summary: Living while everything around you is dying and things you need to survive are scarce can be hard. Collecting a group of people who can hardly even reach his elbow, Erik sets out on a journey to find a safe place to wait out the destruction of the world around him. It's not easy and he encounters loss, fear and a danger of losing everything he has now for a chance to gain something he misses, but hope is hard to kill and his hope is waiting for him in Westchester.

But not everything can be predicted and life tends to play cruel jokes on people that need light the most. The world will burn and there's nothing any of them can do about it. Besides, won't it be better in the end?

This is a story about a journey, hope and survival in a post-nuclear world where none of these things can be taken for granted. We follow Erik as he struggles to keep everyone in his little group safe and sane while not losing his own faith in the semi-happy endings. He'll have a chance to change everything for the better, but will he succeed in not making the same mistakes?

Note: Thank you to my fabulous author kiriana16!

Link to fic master post:
On AO3: Here

Art contains spoilers for the story.



Day 1
The Brotherhood celebrates, because for them that war meant victory. He doesn’t join them, because he knows how far of the mark they are. This is not a victory for anyone, this is pure death and he can’t help but be reminded of the piles and piles of bodies from years before, when he was just a child, helpless and weak. He didn’t think he would ever feel like it again, but it’s clear that there’s nothing he can do now to save or help anyone. He has collections of cans and bottled water in the chest under his bed, the habit he couldn’t break since war and he’s grateful for now.
It won’t last for long but it’s sustenance. It’ll have to do for now. And later, he will see. He has no intentions of dying. When Raven passes him a bottle of wine with a grin, full of white teeth contrasting with her azure skin, he accepts it. He’s not toasting Shaw’s victory, he’s mourning the death of the world when they had even slight chance of peace.
He said to Charles that peace wasn’t an option for him. It doesn’t mean he didn’t want it for anyone else. He didn’t want it to be premonition.
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